From Hamburg to Jebel Ali every Friday!

Sea Freight DSV Consol 2019

Weekly LCL departures from Hamburg, Germany to Jebel Ali, UAE with 21 days Port-to-Port transit time provides you with easy and efficient transportation services.

Use DSV's Gulf Box Consol for transporting your goods by sea from Europe to the Middle East, Africa and Indian Subcontinent via Dubai Hub. Send goods from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic and other EU countries to United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Kenya (via Mombasa), Tanzania (via Dar es Salaam), Uganda, Burundi, DR Congo, Rwanda, Zambia and many other countries.

LCL Germany UAE 

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What should you keep in mind?

Having the correct documentation is crucial for a smooth service delivery. Please consider and prepare the following when planning your shipment: 

  • Original commercial invoice with wet ink stamp and signature
    • Mandatory information in commercial invoice: HS Code, Description, Country of origin, Value of the goods
  • Original packing list with wet ink stamp and signature
  • Certificate of origin with the chamber of commerce stamp
  • Number of units and weight must be identical on all documents related to the shipment

Contact us if you prefer another schedule or have special cargo and commodity requests.

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