Cross-border clearance

When borders are no longer a boundary

Our GCC road distribution network is enhanced by our cross-border clearance services. The knowledge and expertise of our staff ensures that your cargo is transported across borders flawlessly and on time.

Every border is different

Customs requirements vary from country to country. In some cases, these requirements experience changes and alterations throughout the year. We keep a close watch on the new regulations and continuously inform our customers on the developments.

Find out what documents are required for Customs clearance in United Arab Emirates

It is not only about road transport

Our service goes beyond transport from A to B. We ensure that we analyse your particular requirements and suggest the most suitable options for your business. There might be instances when you think that it is just a matter of loading your cargo into a truck and moving it - this is where our experts will suggest the best options. You'd be surprised how we can optimise your supply chain.

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