Air and ship charter

An emergency, special cargo or a project call for a charter

There are some projects that are time bound and cannot wait for a commercial uplift. When there's an emergency, sensitive cargo or need for relief goods to a specific area, then a charter or full charter are in place. Our extensive network and agreements with operators and charter brokers ensure that our procurement process is quick and easy to support your needs.

Full and part air charters

Transporting vaccines, blood samples, perishables, mosquito nets or emergency aid supplies require special care and attention. These are instances when your cargo cannot wait for a scheduled transport because of its sensitivity, confidentiality or urgency. DSV can assist you with full and part charters to protect your confidential information and move it with ease from anywhere in the world.

Full and part ship charters

There are bigger structures and cargo that might not be time bound but require special allocation or a separate ship altogether. Our experts will coordinate the entire process for you and ensure that your charter is kept within schedule.

Either by air or sea, our experts will evaluate your individual situation and assist you with the relevant information to lead you towards the most suitable solution. In terms of location, Dubai will serve as the perfect distribution hub for your project. Please contact us for more information on your next charter.

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