A new warehouse in only 20 weeks

Supporting an expanding retailer's global growth

Launching 300 new products every week means a complex and challenging supply chain. And with 500 shops in 25 countries, and more opening every week, Flying Tiger Copenhagen needs a strong, flexible and reliable global logistics partner. It chose DSV as its preferred logistics partner worldwide.

"We’re building the airplane when it’s already up in the air, so we need professional assistance", says Lars Syberg, Global Supply Chain Director at Flying Tiger.

Founded in 1995, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, also known as Tiger or TGR, is a Danish design retailer with a quirky, ever-changing selection of own-designed and branded products at affordable prices.

Over time, its business focus has shifted from cheap to unique, from generic to own-designed products, from single to multiple price levels and from a spontaneous to a deliberate product range.

If we call tomorrow and tell DSV that we want a warehouse in Singapore, we expect them to have it ready for business within 20 weeks.

Lars Syberg, Global Supply Chain Director

Flying Tiger’s remarkable annual growth of 50% is both an advantage and a drawback. The biggest challenges Flying Tiger faces are reducing lead-times, improving forecasting, sourcing and risk assessment.

It was DSV’s flexibility and scalability which caused Flying Tiger to choose DSV. DSV has proven it is able to establish an operation for a new shop within the 20 weeks Flying Tiger demands.

First US shop in New York

DSV has assisted Flying Tiger with establishing the supply chain for the launch of its first shop in the US. DSV set up a new logistics facility for Flying Tiger in New Jersey to serve the East Coast because of the company’s expected future expansion. The facility will also help DSV grow its business in the region, so the partnership has clear benefits for both companies.  

Flying Tiger chose DSV to handle all its logistics activities in the region, including air and sea freight, warehousing and distribution. This not only gave Flying Tiger a one-stop solution for its US expansion, but also allowed it to achieve full visibility throughout its value chain. The result: smooth execution and a solid foundation supporting Flying Tiger’s growth ambitions in the US market.

About Tiger

The company is a chain of Danish design stores owned by Zebra A/S. Each local Tiger store is a joint venture owned 50-50 by Zebra A/S and the local partner. The stores are called "TGR" in Sweden and Norway, "Flying Tiger" in the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan and USA, and "Tiger" elsewhere.

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