DSV brings the first Dallara into United Arab Emirates

When a customer contacted us with a special request to transport a very high-value sports car from Italy to Dubai, DSV's multi-disciplinary team went into action.

First, we needed to arrange customs clearance, which was particularly tricky as that model of car had never been imported into the United Arab Emirates before. We went above and beyond and have registered the model of the car with country customs authorities. So the next time this model is imported into the UAE, customs clearance will be simpler.

Then the car had to be prepared for air freight shipment. To ensure a safe journey, it was wrapped very carefully and packed into a crate. To eliminate any risks connected to the transportation of this very high-value cargo, DSV also arranged cargo insurance.

Once all the paperwork was ready, we picked up the car from the factory in Italy, delivered it to the airport where it was loaded onto a cargo plane. On arrival in Dubai, we undertook last-mile delivery and handed the car over to its happy owner.

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About Dallara Automobili

Dallara Automobili is an Italian chassis manufacturer of racecars. The company was founded in 1972.