We keep you flying

Fast reaction from the DSV Dubai team helps TP Aerospace get an aircraft off the ground.

AOG is the aerospace industry's highest priority

When TP Aerospace called DSV in Dubai, we were ready to move fast.

Even though the urgent call came late in the evening on a Thursday just as the weekend was starting, we had arranged everything within a couple of hours, booking the space on a flight to the spare parts needed on their way on a midnight flight.

DSV has provided not only urgent and standard air freight services to TP Aerospace but also sea freight. 

"When we have an AOG case, we can count on DSV to get things moving immediately"

Sebastian Schrade, Station Manager, Dubai at TP Aerospace


About TP Aerospace

TP Aerospace is the leading aftermarket wheel and brake provider in the commercial aviation industry. Certified to the highest quality standards throughout the organization. it carries the largest ready-to-go wheel and brake inventory in the market. Its headquarters is in Denmark and it has seven offices around the world. With around 500 aircraft on full service contracts, it maintains more than 20,000 wheels and brakes a year.