Sea Air - ship then fly

Strike the perfect balance between cost and transit time with Sea-Air

The long sea voyage from Asia to Europe or America gives you the lowest cost transport - but it doesn't give you speed. So if air freight all the way is out of your budget range, think about our combined service - DSV SEA-AIR. When transit time is important but cost also needs special attention, SEA-AIR will provide you with the perfect solution for your retail, fashion and high-tech goods.

Multi-modal transportation
on-time performance
reduced CO2 emission
Faster than Sea Freight
Cheaper than Air Freight

Using Dubai as a hub, you can transport your goods by sea from the Far East, and then send them by air from Dubai. With this combination, you can reduce your transit time by up to two weeks and you reduce your supply chain costs by up to 40% by not using a full air freight transport solution.

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The information you would need to provide to book a SEA-AIR shipment

  • What is the origin and the destination?
  • What are the cargo characteristics? It is mandatory to provide your Freight forwarder with the cargo dimensions, weight and content.
  • When do you need your cargo to be moved? Please keep in mind that there is a minimum time required for physical handling of the cargo to the carrier. It is important to book in advance.
  • Would you require extra services? Do you want DSV to pick up the cargo from your supplier? Or maybe to take care of all the paper work and to do the customs clearance for you? We can even arrange the final delivery from the destination airport. You only need to let us know.

SEA-AIR shipping process 


SEA-AIR shipping process

For example, we'll ship your cargo from a factory in Shanghai to Dubai (Jebel Ali Port) by container ship where we transfer it to an aircraft through the bonded network of Jebel Ali Free Zone for you within hours of arrival. From there it's in Europe or North America within a day or two instead of up to two weeks.

Usually, SEA-AIR shipping process contains following steps.

  1. Pick up from the Factory
  2. Transportation to the Sea Freight Terminal
  3. Container loading
  4. Sea freight
  5. Arrival and discharge at the Jebel Ali Port
  6. Inbound clearance
  7. Transportation to the Airport through the bonded network
  8. Segregation at the airport acceptance dock
  9. Departure to respective destination
  10. Clearance at the destination
  11. Final delivery

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