COVID-19 Operational Update

While the Covid-19 situation continues to evolve and affect many aspects of daily life including supply chains, we would like to share the current situation in the UAE.

COVID-19 Customs update UAE

Customs Clearance

Because most government departments have adopted remote working options and have closed main offices and branches this affects response time and in many cases no service which at the end affects our customers resulting in delays in clearances. Below are a few updates and the affected areas: -

  • Reduced Working Hours & limited staff for Customs Inspections at Gate 4. Customs inspections will not be available 24/7. Reduced timings are from 08:00 to 24:00 hours. Customs Inspection will not be available on Friday. Gate 3 is temporarily closed, and all traffic will be diverted to Gate 1.
  • Customs main office, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Consulates across the country are closed until further notice however, standard online COO application services are still available.
  • Limited staff on duty resulting in delayed Customs Inspection booking schedules. We are currently noticing delays of 2 to 3 days in the customs inspection bookings for Jebel Ali Customs Inspections.
  • Saudi Customs have urged traders to use Air or Sea modes of transport for shipments between the UAE and Saudi Arabia as Land borders are closed except for essential goods like Food, Pharmaceuticals & relief goods.

Air Freight

DSV DO counter timings

DXB Airport
Sunday to Thursday:
0800 – 1400 hrs
0800 – 1300 hrs
DWC Airport
Sunday to Thursday:
0800 – 1400 hrs

General update on GHA (Ground handling agent)

  • Operating 24/7 with limited skeletal operation. Certain delays are expected at the dock, however advance dock bookings help ease the situation.
  • Emirates Sky cargo have moved all its operations from DWC airport to DXB Airport (Freighter fleet) from 01st April but shipments can still be accepted or received at DWC but will be solely handled by DNATA freight gate 9. DSV have an advantage as we operate in both the locations.

General Airline and capacity updates

  • All passenger flights are suspended from Thursday 27 March, 2020 until Thursday 09 April, 2020.
  • Freighter flights are still operating with Turkish airlines, DHL aviation, Silkway, Cathay, Cargo lux, UPS, Ethiopian, China airlines
  • Emirates, Etihad, Air France/ KLM and a few more are operating passenger converted belly capacity predominantly into the middle east and African destinations. More and more destinations in EU, APAC and NAM are being added into the list.
  • Pick-ups and deliveries are being executed during the first half of the day due to sterilization curfew between 8pm and 6am.

Sea Freight


DSV DO counter timings
Sunday – Thursday:
08.00am to 02.00pm
09.00am to 01.00pm
DSV Container Freight Station – Cargo release timing
Saturday – Thursday:
08.30 to 12.30pm

General Updates/Requests

Wherever possible, under current circumstance, kindly encourage your shipper to always consider Express release for the shipments.

Local Updates

  • All shipping lines have managed to implement Work from Home for their employees baring a few skeleton staff in the office.
  • Carriers are moving to the digital world for payments and DO releases
  • UAE ports are fully operational, however there are time restrictions for deliveries
  • Pick-up and deliveries in UAE are also limited due to curfew sanctions from 8pm till 6am until further notice

We are closely monitoring the situation as it evolves and will keeping our customers updated of all developments in this regard.