Is Brexit day October 31st?

DSV's preparations for Brexit


The UK Prime Minister, Mr Johnson, is clear in his determination that the UK will leave the EU on the 31st of October. It is not possible to yet say what will happen, but the risk of a no-deal is high, and DSV is preparing for a no-deal Brexit on that date whilst hoping for the best. Follow our updates on

If/when Brexit happens, it will have a broad impact in both the UK and Europe, and especially within the logistics sector. We already know that we can expect many changes to border controls, customs clearance requirements and operational processes.

How to make sure you are ready for Brexit



If your company is involved in the trading or movement of goods between the UK and EU countries or vice versa, your company will be affected by Brexit.

Do you have an EORI number? Have you classified your goods? Have you authorised DSV to be your Customs Declarant? Is your commercial invoice fit for Customs? Have you applied for Duty Deferment Account?

Please see our recommendations about EORI number, invoice checklist, import and export procedures and read answers of frequently asked questions.