The monsoon season can cause delays to your shipments and, in the worst case, potentially damage your goods

Take precautions to ensure that your sea and air cargo is not affected during this monsoon season

Shipping during monsoon

It is important to take some precautionary actions while sending your goods to/from India until the end of September. You can make sure your shipments arrive on time and that your merchandise is not exposed to water and / or moisture damage by taking preventative measures

General precautionary and preventive measures:

  • Use closed body trucks as curtain trucks and trailers are not 100% water proof, hence extra precaution to be taken for sea/air cargo movements within India.
  • Shrink wrapping is mandatory for cargo going to/from India during monsoon season to prevent dampness & wetness.
  • Pack your goods in dry conditions.
  • All wooden boxes and pallets must be fumigated to minimize moisture and mould formation.
  • Proper labelling on both sides of the package must be done with permanent markers or water-resistant self-adhesive labels.
  • When moving goods in a container, it is recommended using desiccant bags that absorb moisture, since the humidity at certain times can reach up to 90% during monsoon season.

Important to take into account:

  • Wet cargo will be rejected at the container cargo terminal (CFS) or in warehouses to protect other cargo. Wet or damaged goods will be returned to senders.
  • Import shipments suffer due to heavy congestion caused by delays due to high winds that can affect the operation of port cranes.
  • We recommend planning your import and / or export shipments well in advance as the cargo in the ports of India is at its peak and there may be delays.

Proper packaging is key for the goods to arrive at their destination in good condition.


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