Hub in Dubai ensures unique transport solution

DSV's hub in Dubai helps to ensure an efficient combination of sea freight and air freight for shipments from Asia.

Dubai Hub

A low price, a simple setup and stable transit times. More customers choose our combination of sea freight and air freight for their shipments from Asia, which in daily communications goes under the name “Sea-Air”.

The solution does not require anything extra from the customers, and the savings on total transport from countries such as Vietnam, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Cambodia can be as much as 50% over a direct air freight solution.

Sea-Air hub in Dubai

DSV's Hub on Sea and Air Freight in Dubai operates in a free zone, which helps ensure a quick change from port to airport terminal. DSV's General Manager of Air Freight in the Middle East and Africa (UAE), Praveen Nair, highlights:

Dubai is in many ways unique in relation to this solution. Geographically, we are centrally located and halfway between Asia and Europe. Our port area is geared to the high frequency of inbound and outbound sea freight, and our airport has a huge supply of air carriers flying in and out, especially for Europe”.

All shipments with 'Sea-Air' are handled as a time-critical air cargo shipment. In order to ensure a simple and efficient freight forwarding from port to airport, DSV in Dubai works closely with sea and air freight authorities and makes sealed shifts without customs within 24 hours.

Are you interested in hearing more about DSV's combination solution 'Sea-Air', contact General Manager, Air Freight, UAE, Praveen Nair.

General Manager, Air Freight, UAE
Praveen Nair