Get prepared for Chinese New Year 2019

Even though we have just gone through a wonderful festive holiday season and celebration of the New Year, it's time to get ready for the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year or Spring Festival: (Chinese New Year, Spring Festival, 春节, 过年) is the most important holiday in China, which is celebrated according to the lunar calendar. In 2019 it falls on February 5th and it is planned to continue through to February 10th. During this period, China's business activity traditionally freezes.

The official holidays for the New Year in 2019:
Mainland China: from February 4 to February 10.
Hong Kong: Offices and factories are officially closed for three days only, February 5th to 7th.

It is often mistakenly believed that the Chinese New Year lasts only one week, however, the festivities in China continue longer. Most factory workers, for example, only return to work 14 days after the new year.

How does all this affect the international transportation from China?

Today, China is the main economic partner for many countries and the Chinese New Year celebration has a major impact on trade relations around the world. Many importers realize that shipping is not possible during the holidays and try to plan to move their cargo before the beginning of the festival which creates a sharp demand for international transportation, resulting in a shortage of space and even a short-term increase in tariffs.

This event and transportation challenge occurs annually and there is usually a shortage of freight space for shipments from China before and after New Year. Therefore, we strongly recommend customers book well in advance to ensure measures are put in place to reduce risks of delay in their supply chain.

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