Corporate Social Responsibility

As a global transport and logistics company, we have a global impact – and a great corporate social responsibility.

Our CSR efforts are anchored in the 10 principles outlined under UN's Global Compact, effectively dividing our work into the following areas: environment and climate; business ethics; and employees – as well as our own addition community engagement. The latter features a global partnership with the Red Cross | Red Crescent organisation.

Guidance on CSR

We work with social responsibility issues guided by the ISO 26000 standard.  

Reporting to CSR partners

Our CSR report complies with the reporting standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). In addition, we report independently to several sustainability organisations:

Performance against targets

We continuously track our performance on the targets we have set for CSR in DSV. In our CSR Reports, published annually with the DSV Annual Reports, you can see the current status on all initiatives.