Iran – a reawakening market

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After UN sanctions were lifted in January 2016, exports to Iran doubled in a year to around EUR 13.7 billion per annum. With a population of around 80 million people, Iran is now the largest growth market in the world. But it is not simply a case of booking a transport or logistics firm to ship your goods in or out– there are legal, practical, cultural and financial aspects to take into consideration.

This white paper looks at a number of them. It is not intended to be exhaustive, nor be a substitute for professional or legal advice tailored to your particular situation. It is, however, designed to highlight some of the hurdles to be overcome in exporting to this long-hidden market.

Below is a sneak preview:

“Without such export credit guarantees, some companies can be somewhat reluctant to enter the Iranian market. However, the largest roadblocks remain the current challenges of the financial and banking systems between European and Iranian banks and to a greater extent relations with US banks...” 

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